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Before receiving an estimate it is recommended that the customer narrow down options based on cabinet, tile and/or other items that may affect the final decision. Before we can start the scheduling process, all details must be confirmed, including but not limited to product, color, edge style(s), sink option(s) and backsplash option(s). MATERIAL PICTURES OR SAMPLES



Our estimate is based on the measurements provided by either the customer or the contractor. Prices are subject to change to our measurements and templates. The price received includes one trip for templating and one trip for installation. Additional trips can be completed at an additional trip charge for each additional trip, scheduled on a day that best meets our schedule demands.


All details must be confirmed prior to scheduling a template. Customer should be on site at time of template to confirm all information in writing. Otherwise all measurements and additional details, such as but not limited to: overhang, cooktop and sink centerlines, backsplash, will be standard. All items purchased outside of ATM Granite & Marble, Inc., including but not limited to sinks, freestanding range, slide in range, down draft and/or cook tops must be on site at time of template. Apron front/farm sinks must be installed prior to our template visit, unless the sink manufacture suggests otherwise. All cabinets receiving countertops must be permanently installed, set, level and properly secured to the wall and/or floor and no adjustments are to be made after the completion of a template. ATM Granite & Marble, Inc. will not level or adjust cabinets. ATM Granite & Marble, Inc. HIGHLY recommends that NO ADJUSTMENTS be made after the completion of a template. If cabinets are adjusted after the completion of a template, a secondary template must be completed at an additional trip charge.

ATM Granite & Marble, Inc.’s success rate is highest if we are able to template on bare cabinetry (no existing countertops). If your project is an existing kitchen or remodel and your existing countertops cannot be removed before your scheduled template, the countertops must be cleared off and no fixtures, dishes, décor, etc. are to be left on the existing countertop. By choosing to template over an existing countertop, you are acknowledging that you understand the possibility

for unnecessary gapping and acknowledge that ATM Granite & Marble, Inc. cannot be held responsible for said possible gapping.

Should the customer choose to hire ATM Granite & Marble, Inc. to complete a tear out service during the installation, ATM Granite & Marble, Inc. cannot be held responsible for any patchwork that may be required after the tear out of your old countertop, including but not limited to wallpaper, tile, grout, spackle, trim, mirrors, etc. ATM Granite & Marble, Inc. cannot accept any responsibility for the integrity of the cabinets or any knee walls after removal of the old countertops. Should ATM Granite & Marble, Inc. determine that there is an issue with your cabinets, the determination, if possible, will be made at the time of template. ATM Granite & Marble, Inc. reserves the right to re- schedule your template and/or installation until proper adjustments have been made, with a trip charge added to the invoice for the wasted trip.


Fabrication will not begin until all information has been confirmed in writing with the customer, including but not limited to layout confirmation, sink information, any and all cut out information, edge profiles, etc. There is a grace period between your first contact with ATM Granite & Marble, Inc. and the template that allows any changes in the confirmed details. Signed template dimensions will be placed on your slab by our fabrication team who will determine the best placement. Some granite has variations and movement. An appointment to view slabs prior to template date is highly recommended. ATM Granite & Marble, Inc. suggests that the customer select their individual slabs, and complete a layout on any directional stones (stones with movement). All layouts are required to be completed the next business day after template. This gives the customer the opportunity to choose the quadrant of the stone and to discuss seam placement with our fabrication team. This layout process can also be completed via email. If the homeowner chooses to waive the right to a layout, the home owner therefore accepts the direction and color of the stone as well as the seam placement, as is. Countertops have a standard 1 1⁄2 over hang. This is enough to cover and hide any imperfection on the cabinet base. Small variances on overhang along edge are considered normal and should be expected.

Seams: Customer understands that it is normal for natural stone tops to have visible seams to the eye and the touch. Seams are not invisible. All seams are completed within stone industry standards and ATM Granite & Marble, Inc. reserves the right for final decision of the seam.


Installation dates are scheduled 3-7 business days after the completion of your template, depending on selections, inventory and availability of material(s). The customer must be on site at time of installation and available to complete the Certification of Completion. Cabinets must

be ready to accept the countertop installation. All faucets and other accessories requiring a hole to be drilled into the countertop must be on site at time of installation. Our installation crew will attach an under mount sink and/or test fit your drop in sink and/or cook top stove. ATM Granite & Marble, Inc. does not install or provide your cook top stove, support brackets for Overhangs larger than 12”, sink drains, etc. This is the responsibility of the customer or their contractor.

ATM Granite & Marble, Inc. will use precautions during the installation. However, due to the weight, bulkiness, and dimensions of the products, we cannot take responsibility for small damages to surrounding walls, floors, stairs or any others type of flooring and other adjacent materials, which may tend to occur. Therefore, we recommend that no final wall finishes or surroundings be installed until all counter tops are installed.

Dust comes naturally with the installation of Natural stone, especially when cutouts are done in place. Costumers must cover all area and/or objects that may be affected by dust or removed such items. This is the sole responsibility of the Buyer. ATM Granite & Marble, Inc. will not liable for any clean up beyond the products being installed.

ATM Granite & Marble, Inc. is not responsible for moving any major appliance(s). If appliance(s) cannot be moved before the installation date, a seam can be/will be added for installation purposes OR you have the option to sign the waiver on our Certificate of Completion agreeing that ATM Granite & Marble, Inc. cannot be held responsible for any damages caused by moving any appliances.


ATM Granite & Marble, Inc. services are limited stone countertops ONLY, ATM Granite &

Marble, Inc. does not offer plumbing, electrical work, tile, etc. We ask that you DO NOT

schedule any other trades such as plumbing, electrical work, floor preparation, etc.

on the same day that ATM Granite & Marble, Inc. is scheduled to be in your home.

Should there be other trades scheduled at the same time as our services, we reserve the right to reschedule your installation.

ATM Granite & Marble, Inc. does not mount or recommend mounting a dishwasher to the countertops. If a dishwasher is not mounted to the cabinetry we recommend using a dishwasher mounting bracket, which can be supplied by our installers.


All payments for materials and services must be paid prior to scheduling. Should pricing increase after the completion of a template, the balance must be accepted by the homeowner before fabrication begins.

If it is necessary to cut or remove any items that may interfere with the installation of the stone

ATM Granite will not be responsible. (Ex. Tile, back-splashes, sinks, plumbing, appliances,

mirrors etc.)This will be the buyer’s responsibility to cut, re-install, and/or put back into place

After installation is completed ATM Granite & Marble, Inc reserves the right to charge the final balance on the credit card on file. If you wish to use a different card or any other method of payment YOU MUST call the office before the completion of the installation and provide a new form of payment.


ATM Granite & Marble, Inc. will provide to customer the following services as specified on the quote attached to this email. All material is guaranteed to be as specified. All work to be completed in a professional manner, according to standard practices. Any alteration or deviation from the description of services as indicated on the quote will be at an additional cost over and above this agreement. This agreement is contingent upon accidents or delays beyond our control. In the event of a breach of this contract, the non-defaulting party shall be entitled to seek reasonable attorney fees incurred in connection with such default. All balances not paid in accordance with this agreement will be turned over to our collections agency and a Mechanics Lien will be placed on the subject property. If payment is not made in full, all warranties are null and void. The prices, specification and conditions are satisfactory and are accepted. ATM Granite & Marble, Inc. is authorized to do the work specified. Payments will be made as outline above.


If the countertops are not correct, we need to be notified immediately (within 24 hours). We will not be responsible for any work that is done after the countertops are installed, including but not limited to tile, plumbing, painting, wallpaper, etc. ATM Granite & Marble, Inc. offers

(1) Year warranty from the installation date for open seams and sink installation (Labor). No warrantee against breakage in the countertops or any damages such as but not limited to: stains, scratches, chips or variations of color in the natural stones.


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