Thank you for inviting ATM GRANITE AND MARBLE to your new kitchen and bath project. Enclosed is some helpful information on the installation process.

Please read carefully.


Proposals are based on customer’s cabinet drawings or a rough sketch, but this will result in an estimate only. To more accurately determine the cost, you may elect to have a field measure completed and can arrange this through us. We understand that things change and many customers decide to make alterations once construction has begun, the template (Onsite Pattern) will confirm the final price.


You may choose to do your own demolition of any existing countertop or order the demolition through us. The following must be completed prior to arrival if you choose us do the demolition.

  • Clearing of cabinets, drawers and tops prior to demolition as well as the moving of any furniture that may be in the path of the installers. This includes all appliances.
  • It will be dusty, please cover anything that you want to protect.
  • TAM will disconnect all plumbing, electrical and gas lines, but will not reconnect, please arrange this with your plumbing.


A template for cutting (final measurement) is made once the job site is ready. It is the customer’s responsibility to make sure the following is completed prior to the technician’s arrival.

  • Cabinets must be installed and leveled. If cabinets are not properly secured to the floor and walls our technician will not able to template your countertop.
  • Under-mount sinks require plywood to be installed; the sink and the template that came with the sink must be at the job site before template of countertop can be completed. Some situations may require that we take the sink to the shop. (To ensure a proper fit)
  • All other items such as over-mount sinks (including template that came with the sink), faucets, bay windows, hoods, cook-tops, ranges, downdrafts or anything else that requires cutting of the stone needs to be at the job site, but not yet installed or attached, this must be done after installation of the countertop. Again arrange that with your plumbing or electrician.
  • Appliance garages are installed after the countertops. (If you are having new cabinets installed make sure you advise your cabinet installers to wait until the countertop has been installed).


In order to begin fabrication of your new custom countertop a template must be taken, color selected, drawings and final proposal must be signed. If an up-charge is required after template is complete, it must be paid before fabrication begins, or if arranged with the Balance. Once these have all been completed you can expect your new countertop to be installed between 3 to 5 working days. Occasionally a delay may occur. This can be due to several unavoidable reasons. We apologize in advance and promise you that we will alert you ahead of the appointment to reschedule, however this is not to be misconstrued as a provision of our warranty will be liable for any consequential damages resulting from delays.

Once a template has being created no changes can be made without compromising the measurements for the new countertops, a new template needs to be created and in this case a fee will be applied to the balance.


The exciting day is here and your Tam Granite counters have arrived! Installation is approximately 3-6 hours, in some cases will required the installers to be back to the job site another day. Before the installers arrive, please check the following:

  • Cook-tops, ranges, downdrafts, hoods, top set sinks or anything else that requires cutting of the stone must be at the job site, but not yet installed or attached.
  • Sink plumbing and garbage disposals must be disconnected, if you are doing your on demolition. Faucets must also be removed if they have been installed. Tam Granite installers do not do plumbing of any type.
  • Stone counters are very large and heavy and there needs to be a clear and easy path free from clutter. Anything that is at risk of being damaged is your responsibility to make sure it is out of the way, protected and not in the path of the installers. Small Gaps between stone and wall should be expected and are consider normal (1/8″ to 1/4″ ) Granite is a custom product, gaps and or small overhang difference should be expected as well. Touch up and sheetrock work may also be needed. (Removal may cause some damage) remember this is construction!
  • The installer will need access to electricity and water. We will be doing some detailing in your kitchen and/or bath. Yes, there will be some dust, so take precautions.
  • Cook-tops need to be disconnected. Ranges and refrigerators may have to slide out if the space is too tight. Ranges and refrigerators should be moved out of there cabinets to allow the installers free access to all countertop edges. It is your responsibility to move and or disconnect all appliances as ATM Granite and its installers will not be responsible if anything is damaged.
  • Concerning mirrors, Tam Granite recommends that you remove wall-mounted (Hanging) mirrors and glass shelves. Should you elect to leave these items on the walls during the demolition and installation process, Tam Granite will not assume any liability for damage and/or replacement costs.
  • After installation is complete you will be required to sign a completion form. This is your opportunity to not only check the quality of the material and installation of your countertop but also to make any comments concerning the entire experience. Please let us know of any problems you may have had with our technicians. We would appreciate any suggestions that you may have to make the difficult in home installation process more convenient for future Tam Granite Customers.

Wait! You can do more. PROTECT YOURSELF, check your kitchen or bathroom, has our installation resulted in any damage to your walls or appliances? Did your technician leave your home relatively clean? Failure to notify us on this form at this time of damages may result in your future claims being barred.


Almost. The sink caulking and grout also need to cure. You will compromise the seal of the caulking, if it is not allowed to cure for 24 hours. Also the disposal make some vibration on the counter, we recommend to wait for all epoxy to dry up completely. Schedule your plumber and other activities after this drying time and enjoy a lifetime of great meals.

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